Real photos from real people


This photo sequence was taken exactly one year apart.lick here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.


This photo sequence was taken 9 months apart.

You can see significantly reduced lines around the eyes, decreased puffiness underneath the eye area, a lifted eyelid, firmer skin and a much smoother, radiant and hydrated complexion.

Here, a full Lise Brown skin care regimen was used to rehydrate and restore premature aging.

- Bio Advanced Cleanser and Toner were used in place of soap to keep skin balanced and avoid the stripping of healthy oils.

- Nordic Beauty Restorative Recovery Complex was used to provide deep hydration, antioxidants and age correction to the skin.

- Bio Advanced Day, Night and Eye Cream were applied on top of the serum.

- Recovery Facial Oil was used in addition to the above noted products to further soften and nourish the skin while boosting the performance of the existing regimen.

- SunShade mineral sunscreen was used to protect the skin from further environmental damage.



This photo sequence was taken five days apart. 

Suffering from a prolonged reaction to drugstore cosmetics and improper skincare, our gentle hydrating cleanser, toner and face cream were able to treat the discomfort and irritation quickly and efficiently.

Products used:

-Revitalize Hydrating Facial Cleanser

-Skinplicity Skin Calming Toner

-Revitalize Moisturizing Cream