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Lise Brown, featured on the cover of Boulevard Magazine

Summer Edition, 2023

In Life.Style.Etc. dives in to the persona behind Lise Brown. In this feature piece, we get to know Stephanie and what has contributed to her success.

“Stephanie believes that you should never have to compromise your health for the results you desire in your skin, saying “In combining the power of natural botanicals and innovations in skin science, I am proud to create a lasting and sustainable approach to beauty.””

Showcasing some of her favourite items, Boulevard also reveals her inspirations and who she is behind the scenes.

“I love that I can capture the art of living in everything that I do. Through the creation and appreciation of beautiful things, we can express our emotional values, sentiment and taste. I find inspiration in creating a sensory experience for others and I can apply my expertise as a designer and stylist to always have fun and keep things fresh. Offering a boutique experience, I love to offer the finishing touches that make you feel great!”

In a recent interview for The Influencers, Stephanie tells us what we might be surprised to learn about her.




Lise Brown, featured on the cover of Boulevard Magazine

Spring Edition, 2020

Featuring Central Island's business superheroes, Stephanie Brown is asked “What is your superpower?”


"My superpower is found in my creativity. To be an artist is also to be a technician. The artist alone has the ability to create a desired aesthetic, but it is with the deeper understanding of structure that it leaves a lasting impression.”

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