I started using Lise Brown cosmetics in May and have not looked back since. I have sensitive skin, and I mean the most sensitive, no mosturizers have worked in the past (other then pure shea butter which was just okay). I also have moderate eczema on my face including eyelids. The REVITALIZE face cream has changed my skin! I still get eczema but after I use steroids my face is left dry and flaky. REVITALIZE is the only this that provides relief and improves the dryness. I also started using the PURE HYLARONIC ACID which is also amazing! Now the makeup! Wow, when my face is red and I’m embarrassed to leave he house I use the FULL COVERAGE CONCEALER and it not only covers the redness it soothes the irritation. The PRESSED MINERAL POWDER is great for when my skin is have a normal day. Every product I have used from LISE BROWN has exceeded my expectations! I used many brands from Sephora only to return them as they either didn’t sit on my irritated skin well or caused further irritation. Lise Brown cosmetics has given me my confidence back on my ‘bad skin’ days and provided soothing effects. Something I never thought was possible from make up! I used all Lise Brown products on my wedding day and which was a ‘mostly okay’ skin day and I was thrilled with the results, it lasted all day and made me feel confident and like myself (I’m not a heavy make up wearer). Honestly I can’t say enough good things about these products, and the customer service as well. I will never use anything else!!  Katie

Thanks Christine for your beautiful Bio-Advanced Age Corrective products.  My skin has been rescued when I had all but given up finding something that would work.  I will never go anywhere else for my skin care. Marie

It is truly a joy to support this local skincare business - superb ingredients, fresh, organic, and efficacious, combined with skill and ingenuity by the owner. Christine creates beautiful, effective products. She's relentless about her own learning and mastery and generous to a fault. What's not to love? Janet


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