A Natural Deodorant as Strong as You Are

Natural deodorant is not something to be feared. Not all “natural” products are created equal and they should not be lumped all in to the same category. However, when it comes to personal hygiene, we often do not want to take any chances.

Having tried various forms of natural deodorant, we can start to get discouraged on the path to finding something that works. There is definitely a stigma surrounding the effectiveness of these products but there is also a great science behind personal care products that can help dispel this notion.

Synthetic deodorants, for example, can make you smell great for a short period of time and then it is straight back to square one once you sweat through it. So if this in itself is not working for you, I can't imagine that you would want to use something naturally based. The reaction is often to increase the strength up an antiperspirant to limit body odour and sweating altogether. The downside of this is that there is an overwhelming knowledge that this is at a cost to our health.

Our bodies are meant to breathe and perspire!

Did you know that when you stop using antiperspirants that your body may sweat more? While this can be embarrassing for some people to have visible signs of sweat, it is actually a very positive thing as your body needs to eliminate toxins and it is not used to having that freedom. Rest assured, for the majority, it will regulate. It has been shown that your body will need to sweat less over time!

So if our bodies are sweating more initially and will continue to sweat a little each day, what do we do about this? After all, it is the sweat that is causing body odour.

By nature, our sweat is odourless. It is when the sweat mixes with the bacteria on our skin that it can become an unpleasant experience.

Try this:

Lise Brown Natural Deodorant


-It will not interrupt your natural excretion system!

-It will actually prevent the odour causing bacteria from forming on your skin!

-It will never leave white marks on your clothing!

-It will never leave yellow underarm stains on white or light coloured fabrics! (It is not your sweat that does that, it is your deodorant!)

Available in two amazing scents, your body will thank you!

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