Rose & Your Skin - The Many Benefits

The rose is an iconic symbol of beauty and love.

Beyond the sheer beauty of the flower, they have an intoxicating scent that is well known as an aphrodisiac. The sweet and floral scent of this flower is often used to enhance an experience of a product but did you know that this may come from an actual physical response in the body?

Rose in its many forms has been used for therapeutic benefits beyond a romantic gesture at Valentines Day. Calming to both your mood and nerves, it can also help balance your hormones, ease menstrual cramps and other various menstrual symptoms. This scent, while also an aphrodisiac for men, has been reported to have effects that contribute to the relief of stress, mental fatigue and it can even promote alertness while easing insomnia.

Shown to elicit such a strong reaction, every part of the flower has been used for generations. With many therapeutic benefits, it is extremely versatile when used topically. Not only is it assisting in the mind-body connection, skin regeneration, hydration and care are all key components that will certainly help you get that refreshed and gorgeous looking complexion.

Able to help most skin types, Rose is a beautiful addition to your skin care regimen. Dry, mature skin can certainly benefit from this ingredient as well as those prone to sensitivities and irritation.

It is an effective hydrator and loaded with antioxidants and essential fatty acids that will all assist with the signs of aging and inflamed irritation. While encouraging healthy, hydrated cells, collagen strength and production is increased, revealing plumper skin and a reduction in fine lines all while it soothing and balancing skin irritation.

A high concentration and wide array of anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals will assist your cells in functioning at their highest level. While limiting cellular oxidation caused by environmental stress such as sun damage and pollutants, anti-inflammatory properties further contribute to healthy cell function, minimizing redness, discoloration and soothing skin irritation.

For those who suffer from acne, dermatitis and eczema, it is also a gentle way to cleanse, balance and calm the skin. Its extract helps provide mild astringent and soothing benefits to the skin. Effective as a gentle cleanser to help remove impurities, it also helps maintain the skins PH balance and control excess oil. It is a natural antiseptic and astringent that will not only cleanse your skin but help prevent future blemishes. These antibacterial properties can simultaneously assist in healing minor scars and breaks in surface of your skin.

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Our most concentrated age corrective serum.

Combined with the powerful properties of our best selling Bio-Advanced age corrective serum, Nordic Beauty is a potent way to combat maturing skin with the added benefit of rose and additional anti-oxidants!


Hydrating and calming to the skin, this facial toner makes an excellent addition to your daily routine or as a refreshing mid day pick me up!

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