A Case of the Mondays

The glorious relaxation of a Sunday has to come to an end at some point. It is no wonder that Monday has a bad reputation, it is quite literally the furthest point from which you can experience this feeling again. The choice, however, is up to you. The beginning of the week can either be a source of distress or you can choose to see this inevitable day in a much more positive frame of light. Just as Monday signifies the coming work week, stress, limited free time and having to set an alarm clock, it is also a new beginning. A beginning in which you are refreshed, ready to take on new challenges and have the privilege of returning to work and thriving at something that you both love and are good at! Some people call these silver linings but that in itself implies that it is a burden to begin with. This day will always come, whether you like it or not, but what you do with it is totally in your hands. We all have our own unique set of challenges that we must face and choosing to look these in the eye and still live positively does not negate your experience, it simply helps us live and carry on with grace. Although somewhat cliché, acknowledging and accepting the things that we can not change will only improve your quality of life.

You may wonder why I am talking about a day of the week, this isn't beauty related! Well actually, it is a lot more similar than you might first realize. Working in the industry, I meet all different types of women. There are women that reject the idea of a product that is anti-aging, there are women that want to erase all traces of a wrinkle, there are women that refuse to wear makeup, those that want to wear it naturally or those that want to cover every single imperfection. There is no one right answer in these situations, we all make our own choices based on what is right for our experience and the things that would make us feel good. Each and every one of us has something we are self conscious about and something that we love about ourselves. Quite frankly, we are only human and we are allowed to feel this fluctuating wave of emotion. We also live in a world where we can easily change something about our physical appearance if we choose to. There is no shame in any of this, there is only shame if we allow it to consume our love for ourselves or the world around us. Own your beauty, your imperfections, your little quirks and the things that make you you.

As an example, the term "anti-aging" is thrown around a lot and, just like "Monday", it comes with a stigma. Aging is a natural process that will come regardless and how you choose to take care of yourself is ultimately your call. If we are being real here, no person is immune to getting older and wrinkles will come even through the use of injectables and cosmetic procedures. If you are all for the commitment to looking young for as long as possible then you probably love that these products and procedures are available. If this makes you feel confident and happy, I fully support that choice. Just the same, it is important to be mindful and happy within your body as it does start to show signs of getting older. Recognition that you will not look 30 when you are in your 80's is an important piece in a holistic approach to healthy living. For the alternative perspective, if it makes you happy to just accept sun spots and wrinkles and the progression of age then I also fully support your choice to love your appearance just as you are. So if something claims to be anti-aging and your choice is to shut down the concept of anti-aging skin care entirely, does the concept have to be a negative in your mind? There is always a dual perspective to any situation. Anti-aging is so much more than just denying the physical aging process. Aging in the technical sense is a natural decline in optimal bodily function. Skin care products that support healthy cell function and fighting damage (i.e. from the sun) that can cause additional health issues can also be viewed as self care and love which you already support.

Whichever path you choose, approach it with mindfulness. Moving through life with less stress and the knowledge to conquer stigma and toxic energy will truly create a world that you are happy to wake up to. Love for your own path and well as others will ultimately make you a happier, more confident person and they do say that happy people are the prettiest and healthiest people of all.

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